Youngest Son First Lesson

Youngest Son Started Skating…We’re So Much Busier Now

My youngest son started skating lessons this fall.  This is a video of his first 6 weeks of lessons.  Skating progression of how much or little he has improved. Him skating has made us so much busier because he wants to go skating all the time.  So we have to try to not leave him [...]

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backward crossover start

Quick Starts – Middle Son

Video of my middle son practicing quick starts backwards and forwards. Backward quick starts are so hard.  Hard to have quick feet.  He fell while trying, as you can see in the video, but he tried so hard.  Great great effort. The backwards skating stop is hard.  I tried to get him to do a [...]

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7/16th Skate Sharpening Now

Last couple of weeks my middle son has been skating on 7/16″ skate sharpening.  It was recommended by the guy who takes care of my son’s skates.   I was getting about one skate on 1/2″ sharpening and then on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ice time, my son started telling me he was scared [...]

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hockey skating bloopers

Skating Bloopers – Middle Son

Just a quick video of my middle son’s skating falls and bloopers.  You’ll see why a helmet is so important

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skating drills for kids footwork

Middle Son – Footwork Video

I went public skating with my son and he wanted to try a bunch of different things.   They were so good for his footwork.  His agility is improving but you can see at the end of the video he needs a lot more work on his backwards skating and agility.

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forward skating stride

Middle Son Skating Straight

A video of my son skating straight.  Why this video?  Well, I think that his footwork and agility is getting pretty good.  However, I’ve had the hardest time getting him to skate hard straight…the whole time.  What I mean is I have rarely seen him skate hard straight the whole length of the ice.  He [...]

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Oldest Son Made His Spring Team

Congrats to my oldest on making his spring hockey team.  Although it isn’t the very best spring hockey team around, it is one of the better ones. There were three tryouts and they had cut some kids before the last tryout.  I have to say that it must have been a tough job for the [...]

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Puck Control Lesson Was Great This Time

We asked to have our son moved to a different Puck Control Session and he went into a different group.  It was so much better.  He was put in with some older kids and it was so good for him.  He got to move at high speeds with the puck and he said he enjoyed [...]

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jan 12, 2011

Middle Son Has New Found Desire…For Snacks That Is

Video of the new drills he wanted to try. My wife came up with a great idea which has worked wonders with our middle son.  Since his motivation level to skate or play hockey has decreased in recent months, she told me to use a snack reward system.  The system is to put money in [...]

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Middle Son Puck Control Lesson Was Excruciatingly Painful

My middle son had a stick handling/shooting session on Sunday.  It was so so painful for my wife and I to watch.  It was the complete opposite of the power skating on Saturday.  Actually, part way through, my wife went over to the other rink to watch some Atom kids practice.  That says a lot [...]

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